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are you happy?  Or you can't sleep?
Introduce my name is Haris Widodo from ASUS Distribution Center for the region Banjarnegara. Before I continue, do you know what will I do?
I am here to promote our products, a Notebook. Do you know the difference between Notebook and Laptop? There is no difference!
It's just a matter of name alone, I call it the Notebook to look cool and of course to make you look cool and stylish. We from ASUS, recently launched an innovative product that makes an impact in the world of Mobile Electronic. Our latest product is a Notebook with the price of a netbook! Yes, this is an innovation.
We provide several types, such as the type of an economical, Eeepc. Ultrabook elegant and powerful. Slimbook are thin and have a high-performance. Of the several types of product. I will promote the type of asus Slimbook.
This type is the product with the highest sales in Southeast Asia especially Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. one of the pioneers of this type is ASUS Slimbook X401U Series. This Notebook is our highest sales in the region of Indonesia. Why this Notebook became a Top Market?
Of course, this is a Notebook with the most affordable price that is only 2,800,000,- Rupiah and worth the price of the netbook in the same class. Many people assume that the low price will bring quality. Yes, we agree with that assumption, but we are different. Although we sell ASUS X401U at a bargain price, but it's not a cheap notebook.
It can be stated with the specification that it brings, namely:
  1.  the processor is equipped with AMD's Graphics quality C60 is the best in the same class
  2. type of RAM DDR3 2 GB of capacity, enough to play High Dimention quality movies
  3. hard drive 320 GB with 5400 RPM
  4. USB version 3.0, with a speed of 10 x faster than USB 2.0
  5. HDMI Port, which can be used to watch movies via Widescreen
  6. the Keyboard is equipped with a comfortable making ICECOOL and cold to type while the engine is hot
  7. the Touchpad with multi-touch Gesture, wide and responsive.

Not only that, the Notebook is also equipped with a metal frame which makes it looks tough and, of course, becomes more powerful.
moreover, almost all parts of the laptop is coated with a glossy. This layer makes the laptop is shiny and if exposed to a hand, then the former hand it will disappear by itself. Not only that, a graffiti markers can be removed with just pass them over.
So, what else?

Come on! buy our products. and join the community of asus to get an attractive offer.


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